The Truth Machines







Co-winner of the C. Herman Pritchett Award from the Law and Courts Section of the American Political Science Association. The C. Herman Pritchett award is given annually for the best book on law and courts written by a political scientist and published the previous year.

The  Truth Machines: Policing, Violence, and Scientific Interrogations in India, University of Michigan Press, Orient Blackswan (South Asia Edition), 2020.

Reviewed in Social Change, June 2021; The Telegraph, April 2021; Contributions to Indian Sociology, Feb 2021; Seminar, Feb 2021; The India Forum, Nov 2020; Mainstream, Sept 2020.

In Conversation with Prof. Jinee Lokaneeta:  The Public Secret of Torture, its dimensions and context.Indian Journal for Law and Public Policy, September 2020. 

Podcasts & Webinars 

Book Discussion at University of Toronto, Center for Criminology and Sociolegal Studies (Critical Perspectives on Justice and Inequality). with Prof. Beatrice Jauregui, Bhavani Raman (Co-Moderators), Tyler King & Daniel Konikoff (Discussants), March 26, 2021.  

Understanding State Torture and Police Violence in India. Swaddle, February 5, 2021. Podcast 

Forensic Techniques & State Violence in India. Detention Solidarity Network, December, 2020. Podcast

Live Law, Jindal University and CSLG, JNU with Justice Muralidhar, Senior Advocate Rebecca John, Prof. Veena Das & Prof. Niraja Jayal, December 11, 2020, Book Panel.

New Books Network, November 30, 2020. 

Webinar on Torture and Policing in India (Solidarity Across Distances Lecture), July, 2020.

Book Interview with Polis Project, May 2020.

Discussion on the Book in Law and Other Things Blog introduced by Rohit De, comments by Abhinav Sekhri, Santana Khanikar, Pooja Satyogi & Tasneem Deo. 


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